Jul 09, 2019

The Completion of a Surfside View

A stunning shell of a home sat empty along the ocean in Montauk. The house was started, but had never been completed. The new owners were eager to take over and to bring their own vision to life. 
MSA was presented with the challenge of taking the unfinished building shell and completing the exterior and interior design of the house. Starting with the exterior, the building envelope was redesigned to provide a coherent architectural language through the use of vertical flat cedar siding, metal panels, and wooden rain screen elements. The pattern these three design tools creates regularizes the home’s facade, providing the important function of protecting the house from the seaside elements without impeding the magnificent ocean views the location has to offer.
The design approach conceives of the exterior and interior as a contiguous space to capitalize on the opportunity the site presents for outdoor living. The architectural materials employed in the design of the facade described above weave the exterior seamlessly with the interior living spaces. As a result, the indoor and outdoor areas can be experienced simultaneously, allowing all family members to share a common space together even while engaged in different activities.