Jul 31, 2012

MSA Featured in New American Luxury

Murdock Solon Architects is featured in New American Luxury's July/August/September issue in "Making History Shine," by Christina Adams. 

Focused on Murdock Solon Architect's unique expertise in historic/landmark buildings and galleries, Adams describes the firm's approach to such challenges, including a strong understanding of the demands of New York City and a desire to preserve and enhance. She highlights how both owners' backgrounds work together so successfully:

Solon, who started out in painting and printmaking, lets her background inform the way she approaches design, focusing on such details as a room's overall palette, and how color, texture, and light can interact with or affect the space. Hers is an integrated approach to design that combines both tactile and spatial elements. Her husband, on the other hand, is more of a technician and problem solver. "He has an excellent ability to see a design problem from many different views at the same time and solve it, whereas I look at one room or one aspect at a time," says Solon, who joined forces with her husband in February 2011. "I see the details, and he sees the big picture." 

Read the full article to learn more about Murdock Solon Architect's experience and background in New York City and surrounding areas.