Jun 21, 2019

Dogs of Murdock Solon Architects

At MSA we share our office with our dog companions. According to Inc.com, business insider and USA Today, having a dog in the office can lead to productivity and success. Dogs have been proven to relax the team and are the perfect antidote to daily stress. The presence of pets sparks conversations among employees inspiring creativity, collaboration, and positive outcomes. Our four-legged colleagues make work fun and spontaneous. Lastly, pets create a more inviting environment especially if they are well behaved. They help induce smiles and make people feel more comfortable. Below are some bios of our furry dog friends at Murdock Solon Architects.


Name: Pippa
Person: Shea
About me: I love road trips especially from Maine to NYC. I have a happy balance of suburban and city lifestyle. I love long walks along the Hudson River, kisses and rolling around in the grass.


Name: Mr. Roper
Person: Brian
About me: I’m a quiet guy but love to be with my person. I love exploring New York City on my feet and in the comfort of my travel bag. Don’t be fooled by my size, I am MSA’s #1 security guard if needed.


Name: Mies
Breed: Cockerpoo
Person: May
About me:
An introverted guy who loves mid-century modern and Bauhaus architecture. Typically starts every week with a morning run along the East River. Loves hiking, belly rubs and Tompkins Square Dog park.