Dec 17, 2014

Design + Architecture: Interview with Michael Levy


Structures, surfaces, materials, spaces. A discussion with MSA project architect Michael Levy (and a quick look at his Pinterest page), reveals that his appreciation for design extends well beyond the traditional architect’s interests. From attending furniture fairs to following graphic designers to experimenting with cooking, Levy continually immerses himself in the art that surrounds him. This continued refresh of current trends builds on top of his well-traveled past, coming all the way from Panama and having lived in Italy and visited Europe, as well as parts of Central and South America. Learn more about Michael’s quest for design inspiration below.

What events have you participated in most recently that inspire you? 

I typically attend furniture fairs, Open House NY, Archtober, the Lowline exhibit, art fairs, and food markets. I find that when efficient and elegant design is challenging, it can also be inspiring. It’s great to see and experience projects that allow you to think about and understand the design intent. Examples include: Building = TWA Terminal; Park/Railroad reuse = The High Line, Bike gear = Plume mudguard

What do you read often to find inspiration?

Technology is making it possible nowadays to follow design feeds and become aware of any project no matter how small or how remote. This includes DesignBoom, Dezeen, and

You seem especially inspired by different design materials – can you describe what you appreciate the most? 

Wood and steel for structural purposes and for exterior cladding/framing.

What would be your dream project to come through the door and why? 

I have enjoyed working on such a variety of projects at MSA, anywhere from ground-up homes to sound and video editing studios to art galleries. I would enjoy the opportunity to work on a ground-up educational project or a cultural space that is experienced by the public, such as a museum, a theater or a park

What do you enjoy most about your day at Murdock Solon Architects?

All project architects and staff get along well and that is one of the main reasons I enjoy working here. I have my everyday feedback-loop collaborators that I go to for any design or construction-related topics while Shea is my main source for professional practice insight and for management efficiency.

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