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Dogs of Murdock Solon Architects

At MSA we share our office with our dog companions. According to, business insider and USA Today, having a dog in the office can lead to productivity and success. Dogs have been proven to relax the team and are the perfect antidote to daily stress. The presence of pets sparks conversations among employees inspiring […]


Design + Architecture: Interview with Michael Levy

Structures, surfaces, materials, spaces. A discussion with MSA project architect Michael Levy (and a quick look at his Pinterest page), reveals that his appreciation for design extends well beyond the traditional architect’s interests. From attending furniture fairs to following graphic designers to experimenting with cooking, …

Satoi Akimoto

An Architect’s Inspiration: Interview with Satoi Akimoto

Talking with Satoi Akimoto about his inspiration is inspirational in itself. Satoi, a lead architect at MSA, has led and contributed to several projects, including… While the work stands for itself and is quite obvious in its creativity as a whole, the entirety is not Satoi’s objective. As he carefully selects words to describe his […]