Murdock Solon Architects is a New York City-based architecture firm focused on residential, commercial, and institutional projects. Its team of highly motivated design professionals approaches each project with extensive research and thoughtful creativity from concept to completion. A stepped design process and careful construction management ensure a successful execution.

As a multidisciplinary firm, MSA has established a niche within the local architectural community. From retail stores and restaurants to galleries and institutional buildings, MSA ensures that all the functional needs are met while maximizing creativity and functionality.

Serving New York, Connecticut, Washington DC, and more. 

Featured MSA Architect


Katie brings not only an exceptionally creative eye for architectural design, but also a natural ability to strategize and project manage. She previously worked as a teacher at Pratt Young Scholars and in project management and marketing before dedicating her career to architecture. Katie holds a strong passion for residential architecture, appreciating the trust needed to create meaningful, individualized, and adaptable spaces.


The home should be the treasure chest of living.
- Le Corbusier